ALONG CAME A SPIDER - Release Cover Of My Chemical Romance's "I'm Not Ok (I Promise)"

Along Came A Spider goes where bands rarely dare to tread: covering emo legends My Chemical Romance.

Inspired by recent MCR reunion news, Along Came A Spider opted to release their own interpretation two weeks ahead of the former's SOLD-OUT comeback show in Los Angeles.

The almost note-for-note rendition of 2004's hit "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" takes a few modern liberties. It features singer Jamie Miller's smooth delivery and a dropped-tune approach to the solo section. Other than that, it's mostly an accurate tribute.

Coming off the heels of two successful singles, we caught up with the London, Ontario & Cleveland, Ohio-based outfit to ask some questions:

Q: Your previous two singles (June's "Galaxy Eyes" and September's "Remedy") are doing seemingly well. Why release a cover next?
A: "We actually interrupted our third album cycle for this release", explains singer Jamie Miller. "When [MCR] announced they were getting back together, we just had to do it."

Q: And why this track in particular?
A: "This was our first choice out of any song of anybody's to cover. We already had it completed with producer Evan McKeever prior to hearing the news." says drummer Tony Castillo.

Q: Is this reunion important to you?
A: "We grew up listening to MyChem, we're heavily inspired by them," adds keyboardist Joel Sedlak. "This comeback should be exciting for all rock music!"

Q: We noticed yours is a pretty straight-forward version. Explain why you didn't change it up much? A: "We know MCR is hollowed ground - it's like doing Queen or Zepplin. We wanted to do it right, without some wild metal re-telling. This is more of a tribute than anything." concludes Castillo.

Along Came A Spider also includes guitarist Luke Fockler and bassist John Calo. Their forthcoming third album is slated for a 2020 release.

My Chemical Romance plays the Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles on December 20. No such word if they will have new music out as well.