WEIGHTED - Release Their Debut EP, "A Better Place"

Chicago winters can be brutal and isolating, even the lake freezes over and the downtown skyscrapers try to put on a brave face against the harsh winds. It can be a difficult place to feel at home in - with the outside forcing you to stay inside, the city often in a rush - overtaken with tourists, and having to move apartments right after finally settling into one. It’s a hard journey to try to define “home” as both a place and a feeling but Weighted fully embraces that exploration on their new emotive release “A Better Place” which was released today.

The EP is dreamlike both in sound and songwriting, using earnest vocals, atmospheric guitar work, and haunting drum fills as part of their storytelling. Weighted takes inspiration from both rock and r/emo bands such as The Hotelier, Basement, Oso Oso, and Title Fight. Brady and Bill started the project going into 2018, later adding Alex and spending months writing the EP. The final member, Brock, moved from Denver just in time for recording. The group released demos which allowed them to play shows with acts such as Safe Bet, Better Love, Beach Bunny, and Young Culture.

A Better Place slowly opens up with “Records”, a track about settling into a new physical space while also taking the time to reflect on ones’ headspace. “Brick & Gold” follows this reflective stream of consciousness but allows for more charged, apoplectic expression about cutting off a toxic friendship. The title track carries the EP’s heavy heart on its sleeve, trying to blame environment but eventually realizing personal mindset is our own responsibility - admitting “I miss the way I used to be”. The story closes with a humanizing song about loss and the fear of getting older titled “One Last Time”. Although written from a place of discomfort and sadness, it glistens with the determination to live a wonderful life and to find that better place.

Weighted will be playing an EP release show in Chicago with Safe Bet and Elton John Cena at the Uptown Cafe & Gallery on November 9th. The band plans on touring right as the new year kicks off and recording new music not long after that. “A Better Place” is just a glimpse into some of the striking stories Weighted want to tell with their art - stories we can all find a piece of ourselves in.