NAGAZI - Have Just “Unleashed” Their Blistering Sophomore Effort

With their latest and second independent release, Central Michigan thrashers, Nagazi, charge through heavy metal’s gates with a crushing 4 song EP, aptly titled, “Unleashed”. This latest effort brings a presence of raw energy and articulation that matches the intensity of their jaw-dropping live shows which shred and bash with the best of them. It’s quite clear that this seasoned quartet is ready to take it to the next year.

Recorded at Detroitlands’s acclaimed Rock Hill Sound with Grammy-nominated producer, MaS Dalton, “Unleaseshed” creates a ferocious grind and groove that invokes the enormity of thrash metals’ ?tans and embodies the signature grit and appeal of Detroit's underground music scene. Heed the call, Nagazi commands your attention.

Today’s music industry climate is tougher than ever to navigate, and with a wealth of proven experience in the grind, Nagazi and its members are no strangers to the path. From national tours, an impeccable merch game, and social media sensibility with a sincere fan connection, Nagazi are DIY masters through and through, achieving success on their own terms. “Social media makes it easier than ever to get your music to new audiences. But nothing truly connects you with a band like seeing them live. We want to know our fans. We want to meet them. Shake their hand. And genuinely thank them for their support. Without them, we are nothing.” - Joe Hafer.

Formed in 2014, these roads dogs have shared the stage with the likes of Devildriver, HedPE, Nonpoint, Deicide, Flotsam & Jetsam, Hammerfall, Whitechapel, Lorna Shore, Raven Black, and 36 Crazy Fists among others. And with a uniquely brutal yet captivatyng sound, Nagazi immediately resonates with the heavy metal masses and eli?sts alike. “The fact that we can connect with so many people, just by doing what we love, is truly incredible. THIS is why I do this.” - Jeff Hafer

‘Unleashed’ Track Listing:

1. Serenity Now
2. Swarm
3. Headless
4. Monstrous