KUBLAI KHAN - Matt On Their Most Brutal/Best Record Yet, The Beginnings and Future of the Band?! (VIDEO)

During an interview going much further than just talking about new records and tours, Kublai Khan frontman Matt gave us on November 21. in Nuremberg many insights on being in a band and shared his views on society and the Hardcore Community. In the year of their 10th anniversary as a band, Matt also recalled how Kublai Khan started out and how they came to their unusual name. Recalling their beginnings, he also reflected on the current state of the band and if he’d rather have started out in 1999 or in 2019. Just two months after the release of their latest record “Absolute” Matt gave us an outlook on their plans for 2020 and proceeded to destroy the stage later that night in Nuremberg opening for Lionheart. Tune in to find out where and when to catch Kublai Khan next year!