CORPULENT PROVOCATEUR - Release New Video "Call Girl"

Corpulent Provocateur is a Czech band who has recently released single and music video for the song "Call Girl" on all streaming platforms. It is the first of four recordings that the band made and mixed over six days in April this year at The Animal Farm Music studios in London.

Corpulent Provocateur are an alt/rock trio whose raw and explosive grunge, peppered with rapid fire funk rhythms and trippy psychedelic elements, is as heavy and angsty as it is colourful and melodic.

The band formed in 2014 in Pardubice which is situated in the heart of Czech Republic, one hour form Prague, as an instrumental jam band, improvising long musical freak outs based on their influences: Nirvana, Soundgarden, Audioslave, RATM. Taking their name from Corpulent Cowboy, the clothing store selling outfits to fat cowboys in Simpsons, the band soon started writing original material and went in a local studio to record their first album, titled Nein. Self-released in May 2017 on all digital platforms as well as a limited edition radio cassette version, Nein was a true DIY punk effort, allowing the band to hit the touring circuit in Central Europe.

In early 2019 Josef, Jiri and Tomas flew to London to record tracks at The Animal Farm studios, intent on capturing their live energy and sprinkling magic dust on their new material. Singles Brown, Call Girl, Loss and Test are set to be released on The Animal Farm label throughout the rest of the year. The band will tour Europe in support of the releases.

Corpulent Provocateur are an innovative three piece willing to raise the bar with technically demanding rock music that comes with a fresh, irreverent sense of musical gallows humour.