VERMICULAR INCUBATION - Stream New Album "Chapter of the Vermin Domain"

Slamming Brutal Death Metal outfit, VERMICULAR INCUBATION are streaming their new album "Chapter of the Vermin Domain".

Get the album:

1. Intro
2. Molecular Deformity (Feat. Quentin of Hurakan)
3. Shores of Styx
4. Miasma Extermination (Feat. Aiden of Maggot Colony)
5. Whispers of Savagery
6. The Parasitic Order
7. Infested Colony (Feat. René of Slamentation)
8. Suffocated by Maggots
9. Upon the Throne of Tragedy
10. Wormhole Transportation (Feat. John of Phrymerial)
11. Venomous Torment (Feat. Sergio of Bleeding Display)