UNDEROATH - Nearly Killed In Planes, Vans, Mexican Restaurants (VIDEO)

Underoath famously returned to form in 2015 during their Rebirth Tour, but over their legendary career, Underoath have been nearly killed in a startling number of instances. In this episode of the APTV original series, "Beat The Reaper", Spencer Chamberlain and Aaron Gillespie of Underoath recall the moments their lives were nearly taken in lightning-struck airplanes and on Russian subways. Chamberlain also tells the tale of the time he was the only member of the band who ordered chicken at a seedy Mexican restaurant and spent the evening half naked and vomiting in the front cab of their bus before he was carried to a hospital.

Aaron and Spencer also detail a cross country tour in which they were unable to hit the brakes in fear of the entire van catching fire and the one show Chamberlain was advised to play while wearing a football helmet along with several other instances where their band gave Death itself the middle finger, cheated the grave and BEAT THE REAPER.