THE HELLFREAKS - Release New Video "Red Sky"

In January 2020, the fourth album of the Budapest band The Hellfreaks will be released under the title God On The Run in Budapest. The band has been working on new songs for more than two years, fulfilling their old dream of working with foreign producers. Various artists joined the works to get the most out of the band's songs and ideas: Paul Miner (New Found Glory, Atr eyu, Death By Stereo) in pre - production, Evan Rodaniche (Escape The Faith, Powerman 5000, Lacey Sturm) in the production / mixing phase, and Tom Waltz in the mastering.

Red Sky - again with the help of Mihaszna Film - is now the second clip, the textual c ontent of which was inspired by a post on Facebook that says, “If there’s no pain, we do nothing. We just sit on the fence and stare. If there’s little pain, we can handle it - you can increase the dose quietly. But once it has become inhumane, if we are t ortured by not only seventy - five percent, but one hundred, it can no longer be tolerated. Then the instinct for life will move once more, for the last time, and will become so powerful that it will destroy everything. This is true at both social and indivi dual levels. The system vegetates on pilot light, but explodes when it freezes to death. These are borderline situations when revolutions erupt and when mountains move. And behind that is the immeasurable pain that is useful, almost a friend - coming to yo ur rescue. Allow yourself to hurt what has to hurt, do not suppress it, let it come to the surface, let it rage, let it howl. This is where the change lies.”

The „tribal alien” featured in the clip – which was created during a 4 - hour body painting session - was painted with symbols of destroyed or oppressed cultures (Viking symbols, Aztec signs, Scandinavian runes, Buddhist drawings, paintings of African tribes, etc.); and with the circus scene, the band wants to draw attention to the unbearable problem of animal husbandry related to the entertainment industry. Special thanks to Freak Fusion Cabaret for providing not only the scenery but also the super - evil ringmaster.