SUMMER BREEZE 2020 - First Bands Announced!

One of the best metal festivals around this globe, German Summer Breeze festival has announced today first batch of band for next years edition.

These are Saltatio Mortis, Wardruna, While She Sleeps, Dark Funeral, Jinjer and Frog Leap Studios!

Tickets & Info:

Until the end of this month you can get the tickets for only 119 Euro!

Medieval rock and SUMMER BREEZE have constituted an unholy alliance for years now, with the scene leaders visiting Dinkelsbühl year in, year out. One of the genre's most successful bands is SALTATIO MORTIS, who are coming to SUMMER BREEZE 2020!
Since their first show in 2004 (hands up who was there) the band have had a remarkable career – for years SAMO have been at the top of the German charts, selling out bigger and bigger venues on every tour. And this is not just explained with their musical evolution, but also by the fact that SALTATIO MORTIS have been playing their arses off for years, just getting better and better! You can look forward to another time of “Tröten over Dinkelsbühl” and a fireworks display of hits from SALTATIO MORTIS!

At their debut appearance they were the surprise of the year and have captivated thousands of you. In 2020, they finally come back to Dinkelsbühl: WARDRUNA!
With WARDRUNA Einar Selvik has been realizing his musical visions for 17 years now, without making any compromises - today more than ever. This is also reflected in the fantastic live shows of the band - be it in front of a scarp at a Norwegian fjord, at a castle in Italy or in Dinkelsbühl at the SUMMER BREEZE. Einar and his team also came up with something special for their second appearance at the BREEZE, so that everyone will get their money's worth not only acoustically, but also visually! Look forward to unadulterated Dark Nordik Folk with Einar Selvik and his WARDRUNA! It will be great!

Sheffield, South Yorkshire, has always been an important breeding ground for rock and pop music in England. Besides greats like Joe Cocker, Def Leppard or Bring Me The Horizon, it is also the hometown of our next confirmation - which was veeery high on your wish list: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome WHILE SHE SLEEPS!!! According to, these metalcore Brits have long since found their very own recipe and the current album 'So What?' plays out its strengths on numerous levels. But probably not least because of that, WHILE SHE SLEEPS have been at the top of your "modern"-wish list. We are glad that we could bring the band to Dinkelsbühl for you in 2020, so don't miss them!

Seven long years have passed since the last SUMMER BREEZE appearance of this Swedish Black Metal band. So obviously, it was about time to invite DARK FUNERAL back to Dinkelsbühl. While there certainly was a time where you felt the Swedes were around every corner, this has changed over the past few years and so we are especially happy to welcome Lord Ahriman and his men to Dinkelsbühl in August 2020. And who knows, maybe by summer the Swedes will have one or two new songs in their luggage– it’s high time. Otherwise there's going to be the full “best of slaughter plate” - the fans will be satisfied, one way or the other.

Over the past few years, there certainly have been a couple of whiz-kids who climbed the career ladder, but the band announced here is one of the few that succeeded in creating a massive following outside their comfort zone. Of course, we are talking about no one else than JINJER. The Ukrainians have evolved into a first-rate band by touring tirelessly with various bands, and their fans’ feedback proves them right. That comes at no surprise, as the combo convinces especially live with the release of unrestrained power and highly energetic stage performances. Naturally, this combo is captivating – the outstanding performance of frontwoman Tatiana Shmailyuk only being the cherry on top of the cake. And so JINJER will be digging up the acre in Dinkelsbühl in summer 2020 and we are sure that the majority of you will be there!

"One guy & a frog. I like making music on youtube." - that's the self-description of our next confirmation: FROG LEAP celebrates his debut at the SUMMER BREEZE! FROG LEAP? Never heard of it? Well, that can be helped: Leo Moracchioli is a Norwegian Youtuber who founded the band FROG LEAP to please his fans with hard metal cover versions of pop songs. This venture hit like a bomb, so that Leo had no choice but to bring the initial studio project live on stage. And his success proved him right: FROG LEAP played in sold-out houses! Now also at the SUMMER BREEZE, where the band will give you a great party, so don't miss out on it!

The festival is taking place at Flugplatzstraße 1 in Dinkelsbühl, Germany, between August 12 - 15th, 2020.