STALGIC - Present Video For New Single "Confinement"

Alternative Rockers, Stalgic have released a new single and music video "Confinement".

Formed in a Green Bay, Wisconsin basement in 2017 Stalgic is a four-piece alternative outfit that hit the ground running in the spring of 2017. After founding members Kristian Pearson and Cooper Miller reconnected a year after their previous band in Texas split, the duo recruited two Green Bay natives Tom Zwicker and Brent Harkonen to join them in creating music that resonates the sentimental sound of early 2000’s alt-emo. A summer spent writing and demoing with scattered shows in the mix, the crew took to the studio in early fall of 2017 to record their debut single ‘Variance’ with Milwaukee producer Derek Mofatt of 608 Studios. The positive response and traction gained by the release of Variance encouraged the band to return to the studio to record the remaining three tracks to their four song EP ‘Distant’, released June of 2018. During the busy writing and recording process, Stalgic prioritized booking as many regional shows as possible throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Indiana to tighten their set and progress in the music scene of the midwest. Meanwhile, the band started investing in improving their social content and creating a larger digital footprint. In return, Stalgic received increasing fan interaction and reach pushing them to book their first cross country tour. With the help from merch and CD sales of the recent release, the band invested into a full sized passenger van, jokingly named ‘Patricia’. Equipped with Patricia and newly released music, Stalgic then booked their first tour spanning 2,500 miles and consisting of four different cities; Denton, TX, Nashville, TN, Louisville,KY, and Chicago IL. With a satisfactory turnout and their first tour complete, Stalgic now has their sights set on a new record and future tours consisting of cities across the U.S.