SOUNDS OF THE UNDERGROUND - Watch The New Episode Featuring Performances and Interviews with Mest, Alesana, The Day After, and Mermaed

Alternative music TV show Sounds of the Underground has released their third episode featuring performances and interviews with MEST, Alesana, The Day After, and Mermaed. The show officially debuted on CBS and was digitally released over the weekend.

The show catches up with MEST at their concert in LA at Regent Theater. In an interview ahead of their performance, the band talks about the key differences in recording music now versus when they first formed in the late 90's.

Sounds of the Underground is the first and only alternative music show focused on exposing up-and-coming artists while showcasing them alongside major artists and international talent. Developed by Johnny Zirkel, and airing on CBS, Sounds of the Underground is seeking to bring music to a starving audience once more.

Tired of typical music industry politics keeping bands from growing, Zirkel decided to develop the show as a way to give artists of all levels the opportunity to reach new fans based solely on talent and drive, and nothing else. With the decline of festivals focused around the genre, Zirkel hopes that Sounds will fill that gap to help artists and fans connect and build relationships with each other once again. The ‘underground’ scene is not dead, and they are here to make sure it stays alive.

“Not one artist on Sounds Of The Underground had to do anything other than be talented and driven to be on the show,” Zirkel tells Alternative Press in the official announcement. “They didn’t have to pay anything or sell tickets or win a contest or have a crazy number of followers or have a label. They just had to be talented and driven.”