SAIL - Release New Video For "Starve"

UK progressive sludge band Sail offers up their new single "Starve," a grotesque ode to the anxieties of modern life. Fans of Torche, Red Fang and Baroness will eat up what this Southwestern UK band is dishing out.

Sail released their debut album Slumbersong in March 2017 on Hibernacula Records, receiving excellent reviews including a 4K Kerrang review, coverage in Terrorizer, and play on Radio Fenriz. Later that year, they toured England and Scotland with Cybernetic Witch Cult. This was followed by more performances with Ohhms, Alunah, and Desert Storm, plus tours with Morag Tong and Morass of Molasses. The band has been writing new material since then and also runs their own shows as Sub Terra Promotions.

In regard to their new single, the band says, "'Starve' is, put simply, a discussion about facing anxieties in life but with the backing of a big riff. It's fairly thematically similar to our debut release -- our lyrics are very often introspective and hugely personal to us all in differing ways -- but despite this common ground the song feels like a step in a more solid, focused direction."

In regards to their sound, the band commented "We've recently started working in partnership with Zilla cabs, who now provide all our guitar and bass cabs. They've been amazing to work with and they've helped up define our guitar sound for the single."