OCTOBER ENDS - Premieres A Striking Rendition Of Post Malone’s Hit Single “Take What You Want”

One of the most exciting and promising formations in the alternative music scene nowadays – October Ends – has just launched a brand new proof of the band's undeniable potential and capacity to produce and generate eye-catching and attractive content. Released through the group’s new distribution company – Create Music (Post Malone, Migos, Jennifer Lopez, Wiz Khalifa, Future and more) – the metalcore quintet presents an exclusive, alternative version of Post Malone’s hit single “Take What You Want”! Once again, October Ends showcases its unique and distinguishable approach to creating renditions of mainstream songs, as “Take What You Want” is not just a re-creation of the original track, but a completely new composition that is only based on its source's specifics. With a clear, rich and complementary to each and every musician featured throughout the track production, which only outlines and emphasizes the versatile and impactful vocals that are alternating between mid and high-range melodic lines to raw, power-packed screams and growls, depending on the phase of the single, as well as guitar parts, comprised of interlocking and proficiently dueling lead and rhythm guitars, through hard-hitting riffs or deliberate clean picking parts, “Take What You Want Me” clearly represents the fact that October Ends is not a group to shy away from experimentation and finding different ways and paths to express its originality and distinctive style of creating modern, multi-layered, yet effective music.

Detailing their idea to prepare and release "Take What You Want", the members of the band comment: "This cover happened completely naturally as a group of friends. We live together with Roninclan and it just formed over a period of days. We were all listening to Post Malone's album and figured this song just stood out to us. We like to do a lot of covers, as they're a bit tongue in cheek. They don't need to be taken entirely seriously, so they offer a lot of flexibility and opportunity to just have fun and be creative. We wanted to include as many elements in the song as possible and demonstrate how eclectic our influences can be when we're all given our own space on a track. Roninclan are close friends and are always a blast to work with, but they also know how to add a distinctive ''trap'' influence without losing the metal vibe of the song."