OBZENE - Present New Single "Collapse"

Norwegian Progressive Metal quartet OBZENE have released a new single "Collapse".

Get the single: https://lnkfi.re/ObzeneCollapse

Obzene is a metal quartet based in Trondheim, Norway. Drawing inspiration from bands like Gojira, Opeth and Tesseract, Obzene makes a varied form of progressive metal music. Blending elements from death metal, metalcore, post-rock, and even blues, Obzene has come up with a concoction to create their own unique sound. Amidst all these sonic elements, there is a red thread that ties it all together: An enormous soundscape that showers the listener with a wall of sound.

Their lyrics explore different themes about humanity and our shortcomings as a species, and they touch subjects such as neglect, greed and addiction. But instead of taking a nihilistic approach, there is always a sense of hope and belief that we can be better.