FEAST OF THE ANTIPATHY - Stream New Album "Quod A Billion Feram Er Obstrupescent Eius"

The beast of a debut album from Florida based Technical Slamming Deathcore act Feast of the Antipathy conjures all demons and summons the absolutely and undeniably evil. Welcome to the doomsday ritual of the rise of the best with a billion teeth...

Get the album: http://chug.st/QuodABillion


1. Mortem
2. Haedos Prandium (ft. Wesley Fox of AnimalFarm)
3. Vocare Infernum
4. Right to the Sacrificium (ft. CJ McCreery of Lorna Shore & Dillon Becker of AnimalFarm)
5. Heroin Fingers (Disembodied Cover)
6. Pyschosis Multidinas (Thee Blind Leech)
7. Ov, Thy Scaphism (ft. Nic Cummings)
8. The Doomsday Ritual Ov Thee Rise Ov Thee Beast With A Billion Teeth (ft. Mac Soteros)
9. Tormentus Aeternam