ANDRAS SZVIRIDA - Reveal Video For New Single "Submergence"

Hungarian artist, Andras Szvirida has released a new single and music video "Submergence".

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First, about the video:

"After lots of struggling and hardworking I managed to find a place, time and funding for the video. Because of some unforeseen small obstacles, we didn’t have much time for the creation part, so after 3 days of video editing (of which, by the way, it took only 6 hours to shoot) I stood up from my working desk with blurry eyes, coffee overdose, shamelessly tired, but surprisingly satisfied with myself.

Special thanks to Geri (Káli Gergely Dávid) for his time and energy, with which he helped to carry the gear, film the video, create new ideas and kept me not that bad of a company :) . On Friday between 6:15 AM and 1:00 PM we recorded everything.

Huge thanks to Tóth Gábor, who managed to make room for the shooting in his already tight schedule and made this video even more colorful with drone shots. Absolutely unmissable shots were made!"

Now, about the music:

"The song will be on my upcoming album. I’m planning on writing 5 songs (not less, for sure). I really hope that it’ll be done by the end of November – early December and I can show you!

Thanks to you, who are watching my videos or listening to my music!
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