UNDERWING - Release Their Own Version of TOOL’s Legendary “The Pot”

“It all started about three years ago, we’ve been having this idea that it would be cool to cover TOOL some day, and especially this song. TOOL has been a huge inspiration to us as songwriters, so we wanted to honor this by breathing a little Underwing into the pot. We’ve been jamming to the main riff in the song at almost every rehearsal we’ve had since we started out as a band. It felt natural to release our version of the song, especially with the new TOOL album coming out and their entire discography finally being available on streaming services!” says guitarist Magnus Christiansen.

The band recorded the song in their respective homes under the supervision of drummer and in-house producer Joachim Walle Michalsen. Endre Kirkesola, who had just finished producing Abbath’s new album, mastered the track.

Underwing’s version of “The Pot” is available on Spotify and everywhere else you stream your music! “*”