THE ANIMA EFFECT - Drop New Single "Prole Feed"

Progressive Metal/Deathcore outfit, THE ANIMA EFFECT have released a new single "Prole Feed".

"On this day 18 years ago our nation suffered a historic tragedy that would go on to change the entire political system in the United States. In the years that followed The Bush administration responded by illegally invading several countries that had absolutely nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks. This came at the expense of millions of innocent lives throughout Iraq and Afghanistan and all over the Middle East. We toppled entire governments, installed leaders that were loyal to the White House and extracted there natural indiginous resources, most of which being oil. All the while the mainstream news media across the board supported the wars and did nothing but drum up fear, xenophobia, and hatred for muslims, and people of color. At they same time they were also inspiring support for a meaningless war that only brought more devastation and created more terrorism. The media constantly perpetuates a narrative centered around fear towards muslims based on the fear of islamic terrorism when in reality more than 80% of the terrorist attacks that occur are done by right wing, white nationalist, white supremacists. This fear, and ignorant stigma creates a toxic prejudice towards muslims and people of color that was and is used to justify the murder of innocent people in the Middle East. No longer can we allow the media to manipulate us into fearing our fellow americans. We must stand united against the tide of hate and prejudice and come together to defeat not only this narrative, but the spreading political violence that is occurring against our fellow americans. Because immigrants, muslims, people of color, and all people are welcome here in this country, and no tele screen can force us to hate our fellow man. United we stand, divided we fall.

On this day we reclaim the meaning of this date with a new pact to unify with our fellow man and not simply create more cycles of hatred and violence.

Ladies and Gentlemen, people of the United Sates, and people of the world we present to you: Prole Feed." - The Anima Effect