SPITBACK - Present New Single "Shame"

Greek Nu-Metal outfit, Spitback have released a new single "Shame".

The Spitback band created in 2003 under the name Just Another Reason with many influences from Nu metal - Hardcore scene of the U.S. America, but also having many features from the entire range of Metal Music, making them unique in their kind! They gained to share large stages with leading bands of the genre such as (Pro Pain, Stampin’ Ground, Rotting Crist, etc.) giving many live-shows, with strong sound and very hard playing! Moreover, Spitback performed on a national TV show that proved to be a great success. In extend, the band through its shows has given a great inspiration to the press and media in order to be promoted through newspaper articles and music magazines. In May 2013 they released their first full length album with the same name "Spitback" and have begun their tour for the new album that released from FM Records.