BREAK ME DOWN - Present "Your Game" Lyric Video That Introduces You To Their New Album "The Pond"

Italian Alternative Metal Break Me Down have just unveiled their first lyric video ‘Your Game'. The concept behind the work was conceived by the band and masterfully developed by ChaoticBench.

Laerte says: "we live in a world where people do not feel comfortable with differences: color of the skin, language, religion, disability, faith, sex ... love. "Your Game" invites each one of us to look around and understand that, these dissimilarities, instead of making us feel bad, can enrich us.. if we only accept and welcome them as they are."

Break Me Down is an italian Alternative Metal band from Milan, formed in 2017.
They released their first EP “Resilience” in January 2018, recorded and mixed by Matteo Magni at Magnitude Studio. Among many shows all over their country there are some very important as opening act for international artists like: Crazy Town, Joe Stump's Tower of Babel, Vinnie Moore and Lacuna Coil.