BLACKSTAR HALO - Release and Stream Their Long-Awaited Album "Siren"

Finnish melodic metal band Blackstar Halo have released their second full length album. Siren is a ambitious album packed with melodic metal and groovy riffs.

Band comments on the new album:

"It took about eight years of hard work, sweat, tears and pain to create "Siren" , but now as it is released, we surely feel reliefed that it is now out of our hands and got its chances. The world has changed radically during the process, both generally and what comes to consuming music. Yet we feel that the album is not a relic from the past, but a relevant piece of work also to today's music lovers."


1 Bleeding Red Door
2 The Queen
3 Remedy
4 The King
5 Wolf the Mender
6 Downfall
7 Intruder
8 Perdition's Air
9 Less Than You
10 The Other Side