BAGIRA - Stream New Mini-EP "From Russia With Groove"

Russian groove metal act Bagira released their debut English-language mini-EP called "From Russia With Groove", available now in digital. Two-songs with melodic guitar leads and solos with Alla’s wide ranging voice that ranges from brutal screams to soulful clean singing to give interesting impact to heavy music. Stream the EP below!

About the EP Alla Bulgakova (Bagira’s vocalist) says: “We live in Russia, we play our music in Russia, we love our Russian listeners. But we wanna say powerful 'Hello World!' with our new EP. It’s my desperate hymn. I took the piece of my soul and put it into these two songs. So... That’s what we do here, in Russia, and I hope - you’ll enjoy it”.

Bagira is a Russian groove metal band from Kazan, Tatarstan, formed in 2011 by Alla Bulgakova and Alexander Shadrov. Bagira’s current line-up consists of vocalist Alla Bulgakova, guitarists Alexandr Shadrov and Gleb Vodennikov, bassist Rival Zakirov and drummer Bulat Sadreev.

The band was originally played songs like classic heavy metal with melodic vocals parts, but over the time Bagira’s music has progressed and has become more extreme with clean and extreme vocal elements.

Bagira has released 3 full-length, several singles and many bootlegs (cover versions on some popular russian - and english-languages songs, demos from studio). Their third studio album "Scars" was released on February 7th, 2017 by Fono Ltd.

In 2018, Bagira recorded three singles in their own studio by Alexandr Shadrov’s production, mixing and mastering. Although the russian-language releases didn’t land on any charts, it attracted the interest of non-russian listeners. After that Bagira was re-recording two of their songs, "Whisper" (previously released in 2015) and "Shadow" (previously released in 2018), with new sound and with english-language lyrics. It was called as “From Russia With Groove”.