TORN CONFIDENCE - Release Video For New Single "Event Horizon"

Metalcore outfit, Torn Confidence have released a new single and music video "Event Horizon".

Started in March of 2016 by Jacob Wallace and Tyler Peterson a band was born. It was not until Dakota Schaefer, Lucas Dayvolt, and Billy Ray Wallace was in the band the name Torn Confidence was official. In the late summer of 2016 Torn Confidence then recorded their Demo, "The Movement" Shortly after Lucas left the band. Jason "Bean" Miller shortly replaced him. During this time the band recorded their first single, "Left Behind". After a few shows, Jason Miller was no longer in the band and replaced with Gage Otto. After playing show after show Billy Wallace had left the band as well. The band went and recorded their second EP "Disintegrate" with Jack C. Daniels, and replacing Billy's spot with Chadric Zachary. After some time, Dakota Schaefer had left the band and was replaced with Tristan Arnold. The story continues....