TANZEN - Release New Single "Bottle Kids"

Progressive Metal outfit, Tanzen have released a new single "Bottle Kids".

TANZEN is a progressive/altmetal band from Chicago, IL. Their latest EP Shizoku is a peek into a new direction for the band on the first two songs 'Zombie's Dust' and 'What Are the Rules?' as they blend ambient guitars, low tuning, upbeat grooves, and melodic vocals. “Left Swipe continues in the same vein as the band’s 2017 full-length album Shizoku, which was a pummeling low-end spectacle with some genuine heart embedded in the mix."

In addition to their own individual success, they have jumped on any and every show to help get the music into the hands of anyone that would listen. Having recently supported Erra, Fit For an Autopsy, Veil of Maya, The Summer Slaughter Tour and venturing out of genre to open for Twenty One Pilots and Wale at the UIC pavilion, TANZEN plans on shattering genre boundaries and blending in wherever people are willing to listen.