NEMECIC - Deals With Nikola Tesla and Challenges Trivium’s Type O Negative Cover With Their New Single ”Wardenclyffe”

Finnish Melodic Death Metal group Nemecic present their first new songs since 2017’s debut album ”The Deathcantation”. The new single also serves as an introduction to the band’s new vocalist Aki Salonen (Gloria Morti) who replaced Henry Hämäläinen (Shade Empire) last year. The single was recorded early this summer at Juho Räihä’s (Swallow the Sun, Gloria Morti etc.) SoundSpiral Audio.

The title track ”Wardenclyffe” is named after Nikola Tesla’s ambitious-but-ultimately-left-unfinished wireless transmission tower. The song’s lyrics deal with unrealized dreams and the fear thereof. The song’s lyric video was created by Anssi Korhonen and is based on drummer Niko Anttila’s cover art.

The single’s second track is a cover of Type O Negative’s 2003 classic ”I Don’t Wanna Be Me” which was also covered by American metal band Trivium earlier this year. The band comments: ”We had picked the cover song already over a year ago, but Trivium put out their version two weeks before we were supposed to enter the studio. Luckily the shock was short-lived as our version turned out to be clearly superior!”

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