MOROSE - Release Debut Record "Dead End" and New Music Video!

Aggressive Metalcore outfit MOROSE released their debut EP today on all platforms, Dead End. These guys are veterans of the St. Louis heavy music scene via various other projects, but after their visit to accomplished producer Josh Schroeder (Varials, King 810, Dayseeker, and more heaters than you can count) they found their matured sound.

After dropping their first single “Bury Me” earlier this month, fans online have been begging for more content. This incredible organic engagement gets it’s response today in the form of DEAD END, as well as a video for the brand new song, STRANGER.

On the inspiration behind the new video, vocalist CJ Erxleben says, “Stranger is overall about personal experiences with abandonment. It’s something I have had in the back of my mind almost all my life but rarely ever spoke out about. No matter how much you wish that person would change, you know they won’t so you stay away from them because of it.”

Track Listing:

1. Stranger
2. Dead End
3. Bury Me
4. Parasite

Get the EP: