LIFECURSE - Release New Album "The Wolf You Feed" Today!

Metalcore formation, Lifecurse have released their new album "The Wolf You Feed" today!

The band will be presenting the album live today at their release show at The Orange Peel in Asheville, North Carolina.

FB event:

Heavy music is like a shark--bloodthirsty, violent--but more importantly, driven by progression. The second that bands stagnate and lose momentum, they sink to the murky depths of the listener's mind, only to be rediscovered by whims of nostalgia years later. Fortunately for Asheville, North Carolina's Lifecurse, stagnation is neither a word in their vocabulary or a concept they are familiar with. Originating in 2010, Lifecurse have practically defined the pinnacle of metalcore progression, expertly blending erratic, energetic heaviness with ethereality and riff-friendly technicality. What's more? As times change and more and more bands are thinking out of the box, Lifecurse is far from afraid to delve into the darkest corners metal, hardcore and deathcore have to offer, never backing away from an opportunity to push the envelope further.

Since their formaCon in early 2010, Lifecurse have left no stone unturned. Independently releasing two full length studio albums and distributing thousands of copies to fans across the country, the band's work ethic is admirable to say the least; providing full musical experiences where their peers are satisfied with brief EPs and single releases. Their devotion to their fans and fellow heavy music enthusiasts is also displayed by their incessant tour schedule. Lifecurse is now ready to bring you their third LP, The Wolf You Feed; an immense concept album spanning two discs. Adding a thick layer of icing to their already impressive cake of two full-length releases, The Wolf You Feed is sure to be the latest and greatest product from a band that has never slowed down in their constant push to deliver fresh and furious music to their fans. With The Wolf You Feed set for a late Summer 2019 release, and tours to support it, it's only a matter of time before this North Carolinian quintet devours your local scene.

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1. Hostis Humanis Generis
2. The Wolf You Feed
3. Lights Out
4. Proxy
5. Smoke & Mirrors (ft JT Cavey/ERRA)
6. Fortunes
7. Buzzard Bait
8. I Thought Hurricane Season Was Over
9. The Path
10. The Boy Who Cried Wolf
11. Time Traveling
12. Vulgatæ Geographia