RESOLVE - Release New Single "Terra Mater" New Single, Joins Avocado Booking

Metalcore outfit, Resolve have released a new single "Terra Mater".

"One of the things we seek to achieve with Resolve is to establish ourselves as an unpredictable band. Terra Mater is taking this idea even further than before, as I don’t think we’ve ever released a song that’s devoid of any guitars or drums for it’s first minute and a half."

This new-found sense of space allows vocalist Anthony Diliberto to truly shine during the track’s opening verses, delivering a strong lyrical content with a dual reading that reveals itself as the song progresses towards a more streamlined metal approach.

The writing process for 'Terra Mater' was split in half, as the foundation for the track was dug out from bassist and producer Robin Mariat’s personal archive, and inspired his bandmates to build on it to turn it into a full fledged single. Nathan Mariat's drums are pummeling over a mixture of extreme agression and eerie, cinematic synths, and all these combined elements make for one of Resolve’s finest work to date.

Resolve just announced a few days ago that they joined the Avocado Booking family.

"We’re ecstatic to be given the chance to play a part in the legacy of such an important company, and we can’t wait to see you guys at a show in the near future!"

Besides those great announcements, they will be in France with their friends LANDMVRKS this Fall 2019.