BLACKS0N - Release New EP "Cry For Inspiration"

To celebrate the band's debut release of their first ever EP to the world, Italian duo Blacks0n have released a new, and final, video, to entice fans to give a spin to their latest effort. You can now check out "Ears on Distant Stars" below!

Relentless, heavy and technical, are just some of the words that come to mind if you've had the chance to check any of the band's previous singles, and just like those, "Ears on Distant Stars" takes no prisoners, makes no apologies, and captures listeners with its guttural vocals and bone-crushing instrumentation. Fans of bands such as The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza or Meshuggah will be delighted to find something to sink their teeth into.

Speaking about the single, and EP as a whole, the group shared: "For the video we took more than 36,000 pictures, before we pieced it together in the way you guys see it currently. The lyrics tie closely with themes of envy and greed. Just like every song we've released so far, this is another puzzle piece that makes Cry For Inspiration our very own cry for inspiration, and we hope it reaches similar ears -and minds- to ours."

You can purchase or stream the band's debut EP, Cry For Inspiration, out today, here.