THE ART OF DECEPTION - Release Hellish New Video and Single "Infernal Wasteland"

Five-piece metalcore band The Art of Deception has revealed their heaviest single to date, "Infernal Wasteland", along with its dark and harrowing music video. "Infernal Wasteland" is a hellish story of an advanced alien invasion destroying Earth, narrated in the first person by a man as he watches the world crumble to pieces. The single begins with a haunting, clean guitar riff that explodes with Nolan Mateer's grisly vocals backed with primitive drums, birthed from a planet under attack.

"The backstory of 'Infernal Wasteland' comes from humanity's nightmare: an advanced alien invasion that destroys us all. Amidst the blaze of carnage, the narrator witnesses the alien's disregard for human life. While it is based around a specific storyline, 'Infernal Wasteland' can also be interpreted as dealing with one's own personal hell or struggles."

From Pine Grove, Pennslyvania, The Art of Deception has two EPs under their belt and plans for more new music. "Infernal Wasteland" was produced by Chris Kelly and the video was filmed and edited by Eric Dicarlo of SquareUp Studios.