WE'RE WOLVES - Release New Video For Papa Roach's Cover "Last Resort"

Modern Metal outfit, We're Wolves Cover have released a new music video "Last Resort" a Papa Roach cover.

"This isn’t just another music video, this is a message to the world. This song is dedicated to anyone who is suffering from Depression, suicidal thoughts, mental illness, or drug addiction. This video is here to help guide you or someone you love to find help. We banned together with @findingalostvoice to raise awareness in the mental health community. Please find it in your hearts to share this around to your friends and loved ones. Together we can open up some much needed dialogues. Thank you to @paparoach for giving us the perfect vehicle to spread our message."

"This video is also dedicated to the life, death, and music of Tanner Lee Griffith of We Kill Giants. Who struggled and ultimately lost his battle with Heroin. Though his life has come to an end, his spirit lives on though his music and the lives he touched.

Rest In Peace, Brother.
March 26th 1985 - June 3rd 2013" -  We're Wolves