THE WORD ALIVE - Telle and Matt Talk About What Metal Could Learn From Hip Hop and Making a Living As a Musician?!

In May 2019 Grasser Production had the chance to interview Telle and Matt, who are celebrating the 10th Birthday of The Word Alive with an extensive tour across Europe.
After the usual catch up on their last record "Violent Noise", which was released exactly one year ago, they dove deep in the history of the Word Alive, and what being in a band is all about. Both Matt and Telle expressed really interesting opinions on their relationship with their fans and earning their living as musicians. Coming from the MySpace era of Metalcore, they expressed their feelings about the Scene they came from and what they hope will change in the future. Finally they gave us an outlook on the next 10 years for the Word Alive and what their next record could sound like. We wish them all the best for their future and hope to celebrate their 20th anniversary with them in 10 years! Catch them on their remaning tour dates here in Europe or check out "Violent Noise"!