THE GREEN BUTCHER - Drop Debut Single "Green Supreme"

On a hot evening in the summer of 2017 two guys smoked a shitload of weed and came up with the idea of a band so fucking insane, Brutal, and full of ganja, the world wasn't stoned enough for them. It had to be done. They grabbed the nearest 8-string and tuned it lower than kicking a baby in the nuts. They created a destructive force of disgusting ganja slamming brutality.

With the debut single “Green Supreme” of the upcoming album “Serving The Green Supreme” they will break your bong, shoot THC straight up your veins and slam a joint in your mouth.

Get to know the true story about how the earth was created, how an alien weed plant takes over the world, how Slamodon will rise and how The Green Butcher creates an army of ganja headed zombies. Just like you are.