OBLITERATING VORTEX - Release New Single and Video "Fractal Perceptions Rectified"

Indian Technical Death Metal outfit, Obliterating Vortex have released a new single and music video "Fractal Perceptions Rectified".

Band Camp: https://obliterating95vortex.bandcamp...

Obliterating Vortex : the music’s as convulating as the name itself – but then for afficianodos of the metal music scene, as well as of the particular genre they play, this is a compliment, and not the other way round ! The genre ? Technical Death Metal . OV consists of guitarist/vocalist Sailu Rasaily, guitarist Aditya Darnal, bassist Abhishek Tamang and drummer Dichen Pakhrin. Obliterating Vortex also cite bands like Martyr ( Canada), Quo Vadis ( Canada), Necrophagist , Cannibal corpse, Obscura, Obituary, etc. as influences when asked .Metalheads surely will not be dissappointed upon checking their material – if you’re into soundscapes with off-time signatures, gargantuan riffs hard to decipher easily, and growls from the bowels of the earth as vocals, played at blistering tempos, you’ve come to the right place!