LIE LOW - Releases Incredible Debut Single "Manic"

Former members of Post-Hardcore favourites “This Fiasco”, LIE LOW are making their long awaited return to the scene as a high energy female fronted Alt-Rock duo, with the release of their debut single "Manic".

In the vain of Ecca Vandal, PVRIS and The Neighbourhood, ‘Manic’ features Drums by Dan Maio of The Getaway Plan fame and pushes the boundaries of high intensity Rock and Roll, fused with anthemic and atmospheric pads and beats. Nicole Keighery’s world-class vocals are both feisty and captivating, and showcase both her incredible range and lyrical talents.

Produced, Recorded and Co-Written by Evan Lee and Ash Daws at The Loud Noise Estate, ‘Manic’ was an exercise in trying to break out of old writing habits for LIE LOW. “Using just the verses we went into the studio at The Loud Noise Estate and began to flesh out the track. We found ourselves with a chorus that surprised us; it showed our heavy music roots and it dared the be loud” states vocalist Nicole.

The guitars throughout reflect the title of the track, showing manic behaviours from heavy riffing to the sounds of feedback bouncing through effect pedals to create the real untamed spirit of the song; whilst the bridge sees a medley of voices building with waves of instruments that disperse as the song ends.

'Manic’ is released worldwide on May 10th, 2019 on all major streaming platforms, and is just the beginning of an exciting year for LIE LOW who plan to release more music throughout 2019.

LIE LOW is Nicole Keighery and Jordan Higgins.

"Jordan and I have spent a lot of time working out our sound. This first song Manic came at the very beginning of that process. Tracked at The Loud Noise Estate, 'Manic' is one step further from our past and closer to now."

“I was in a phase where I was fascinated by the idea of self destructive couples. I feel like we always roll through these glorified relationships on the silver screen but what would it be like to be in one?”

“ 'The way you darken my door, I don’t want to see the light' was one of my favourite lyrics from the track, and probably the most personal in a song where I’m trying on a new persona” - Nicole Keighery - Vocalist