BETWEEN NOW AND FOREVER - Release New Single "Leave"

New York hard rock band Between Now And Forever have released a new single "Leave". The stand alone single follows up on the band's last singles "Pull Me In" and "Diary of Jane", both which were released at the end of last year.

“We are excited to finally release "Leave" as it's been roughly 1 year since we started writing it, so it’s nice to finally share it with the world. I am nervous about the release as it’s lyrical theme is very personal and outlines the downfall of a 10 year relationship between my (now 8 year old) sons mother and I. I am nervous to put my heart on the line and also a bit scared of any backlash that may come of it. As a writer i have learned that what people respond the best to is honesty, so i write about the things that bother me and trigger strong emotions.

Although we craft our tracks to have a fairly “polished” sound, there is no denying the amount of raw emotion that has gone into this song. I remember tracking the vocals in my home studio which i have dubbed “The Auxiliary”. I wasn’t sure i could actually hit the notes i could hear in my head, at the time I was overcome with the memories and imagery that came along with it all. I hit the booth with with way too much energy and came out leaving the vocals you hear in the chorus. To me they sound like someone screaming their heart out and sounding like they are just on the verge of a breakdown.

We tried to create a new sound for BNAF with this release as most of the songs from our previous EP “Burdens” were actually written almost a decade ago at this point. We think it’s honest message is something that many of us from broken homes can relate to and we can’t wait to hear what our listeners have to say about it.” - Rodney

"Leave" is available now on all streaming platforms. Watch the stream video below.