BERRY - Release Cinematic Piano Cover Of Black Tongue's "Second Death"

Berna Baki aka Berry, keyboardist of Danish Deathcore outfit, Hanging The Nihilist has released a new piano cover video. This time she did Black Tongue's "Second Death".

"I have been listening to Black Tongue’s new album Nadir a whole bunch, since it came out, so I had to do a cover! If you’re a sucker for blackened, heavy and poetic, then you should definitely go listen to Nadir in its entirety, if you already haven’t. That said, I am looking forward seeing these guys live for the first time at this year’s UK Tech Fest, where I will also be playing with my band, Hanging the Nihilist. Come say hi if you’re joining on the festival! Thanks for watching! Let me know which song you would like to hear as a cinematic piano cover. c:" - Berry