ALL OUT WAR - Share New Song “Judas Always Crawls”, Announce New Album "Crawl Among The Filth"

Upstate New York metallic hardcore crew, All Out War, shared their new single “Judas Always Crawls” today via a premiere with Revolver. The new track marks the announcement that their seventh full-length album, Crawl Among the Filth, will be released July 26th with Unbeaten Records. “Judas Always Crawls” rips right out of the gate, expertly turning on a dime from breakneck speeds to ferocious breakdowns. Throughout the record not a moment is wasted, as the band put it, “It was a conscious effort to cut the fat and go straight for the throat.” Crawl Among the Filth is available for pre-order here and the band will be playing This Is Hardcore Festival in Philadelphia this July to celebrate the release.

Speaking about the new single, Mike Score (vocals) says:

"‘Judas Always Crawls’ deals with humanity's need for a savior whether it be a politician or a religious zealot. These figures are held up and revered as they spit out empty slogans and bold faced lies that the masses embrace as doctrine. These words bring comfort to a population desperate to bring forced order to chaos. In the end Judas will always betray the blind trust of the masses."

All Out War have held strong for over two decades. Their punishing brand of metallic crossover aggression has been unleashing sonic brutality upon the masses through a consistent stream of uncompromising singles, EPs and LPs since 1991. They’ve defied convention, choosing to instead forge their own path on records like their seminal 1998 release, For Those Who Were Crucified, which set a new standard of what a metal and hardcore hybrid could be. In the time since, they’ve released six punishing full-lengths and have been a part of vicious tour packages that are considered legendary by today’s standards. On their latest effort, Crawl Among the Filth, All Out War ride the fervid line between savage intensity and expertly executed heaviness. The sheer intensity of this record will undoubtedly reaffirm the band’s standing as one of the most devastating units in underground music. All Out War have always been a band ‘of the people’ and now, fittingly in partnership with Unbeaten Records, the quintet will continue that reign when they release their seventh LP, Crawl Among the Filth.


1. Devine Isolation
2. Judas Always Crawls
3. What Was Becomes Undone
4. Contempt Be Thy Faith
5. Drink the Plague
6. Suffocate and Subjugate
7. Gehenna Lights Eternal
8. Septic Infestation
9. Hanging on the Wire
10. Despised Regime