XOF - Varials Guitarist Introduces Solo Project, Watch Debut Video "Swiss Mix"

XOF anticipates the future of music by fusing popular genre characteristics to create a brand-new vibe; an accessible blend of modern active rock and hip hop. The unique sound has already gained support from XOF’s organic social following, after just announcing himself as an artist this past friday.

XOF takes inspiration for his soundscapes from cult-following video game franchises like Metal Gear, Uncharted, Bioshock, and the creative mind of Hideo Kojima. This inspiration shows through lyrically, in visuals, and in his other works as an accomplished songwriter and producer. Lyrically, he expresses a duality that has the listener questioning if his work is based from love, hate, or, in his own words, is just “some pothead shit from 2035”. XOF is planning to drop a follow-up release very soon.