SUMMER BREEZE FESTIVAL 2019 - New Names Announced

Summer Breeze 2019 have announced new bands for this year's edition of the festival!

They call themselves shock industrial metal, and it's not really far off. We're talking about FEAR OF DOMINATION, who will make an appearence during the Out Of Line Label Matinee on the Ficken Party Stage. The Finns perform danceable metal with industrial components that goes straight in your ear. Musically, they are active on many different fields, which gives the band a refreshing touch. They brush upon regions ranging from melodeath to nu metal, all of it in line with their modern sounds and a touch of electronica. This should make you all move, so check out the Finns at the Label Matinee!

Please mark this in red on your to-do list: XENOBLIGHT from Denmark! As part of the Out Of Line Label Matinee, the Danes will dig over the Ficken Party Stage with their furious melodic death metal. The thrash riffs in their songs hit you right in the face and their razor-like sharpness is often reminiscent of the hallowed Dew-Scented. However, XENOBLIGHT's music is rooted deeper in melodeath – yet equally as brutal and powerful. Out Of Line have dug up a real jewel here – one that will have people talking for some time to come. Check them out! Absolutely!

Fancy some melodic death metal with viking influences? Then you can look forward to FROSTTIDE, who will storm the Ficken Party Stage as part of the Out Of Line Label Matinee.
The Finns are already celebrating their 10th anniversary, yet are still flying pretty much under the radar of many metalheads. This should quickly change, as FROSTTIDE play exactly the kind of music that always gets the best reactions on our fields: melodic death metal with nordic influences, choral, sacral, rocking, folky – just great to have a party. And that's exactly what you'll get from FROSTTIDE – so don't you miss it!

For ages Finland has stood for cool melodic metal bands, and one of them is BRYMIR, who will be part of the Out Of Line Label Matinee. Formed during a music summer camp, the Finns have been playing together for 13 years already, using ingredients that many of you favor: Besides tons of melodies and keyboards you get your share of viking and pagan influences, so BRYMIR will probably get a lot of love in Dinkelsbühl. So people, if you like your typical Finnish melodic bands, then definitely check BRYMIR out, as they are in no way inferior to any of the big names!

You want it doomy? But with a little death thrown in for good measure? Well, we have exactly the right thing for you: DÉCEMBRE NOIR will grace SUMMER BREEZE with their presence as part of the Lifeforce Label Matinee. Since 2008 already the Erfurt-based combo have been dedicated to murky death/doom, releasing a formidable album in 'Autumn Kings' just recently. They just dot all the i's: atmosphere, melody, slowness, melancholy and heaviness – simply everything that die-hard doomsters thirst for. So let us recommend you buy 'Autumn Kings' and watch DÉCEMBRE NOIR at SUMMER BREEZE.

Post black metal by a new band which isn't really that new – we're referring to KING APATHY, who will be our guests at the Lifeforce Label Matinee. And why are they not really new? Well, behind KING APATHY there's former members of Thränenkind, who changed their name due to a renewed musical and lyrical concept. Their current slab of metal 'Wounds' shows a band who have certainly matured, made their post black metal homework and released an interesting piece of work. The fully motivated Bavarians have really released a special treat, and you can look forward to its live rendition at SUMMER BREEZE 2019!

Our next confirmation take no prisoners on their albums – and they certainly won't at their Dinkelsbühl appearance: PROMETHEE are coming to SUMMER BREEZE. As part of the Lifeforce Label Matinee the Swiss will prove that modern, slightly proggy metalcore can be delivered with absolute power. If you take their current release 'Convalescence' as reference, their show in Dinkelsbühl will feel like a hurricane. The band have understood how to meld musical finesse and sheer force into a whole, which means a storm is brewing over Dinkelsbühl. Check them out!

Grind freaks! There's fresh food for you, imported straight from Holland: TEETHGRINDER! Unlike most of their grind colleagues, in TEETHGRINDER there's always a slight crust/punk side shining through, without taking away any of their material's effectiveness. Quite the contrary: TEETHGRINDER's songs convince with a certain amount of variety, so they really fill the whole palette between mosh parts and total craziness in a live situation. We are curious to know what the new album is going to sound like, but fact is that with TEETHGRINDER a band is coming to SUMMER BREEZE to satisfy the needs of the most brutal among you. Don't miss them!

The Swiss will make a racket at the Rising Nemesis Label Matinee as well: CARNAL DECAY are traveling to Dinkelsbühl. They are bringing not just their 2018 EP 'When Push Comes To Shove', but also straight-forward, extremely brutal death metal that will appeal to the old and new school alike. Their song material is beyond doubt, goes straight into your ears and kicks some major ass. In a live situation, the band – who call themselves “Switzerland's most aggressive death metal!!!!” (and are not mistaken) – should be able to grab your attention, because the Swiss can definitely win over fans of bands such as Dying Fetus, Suffocation and Misery Index. If you're looking for blastbeats and breakdowns, here you will find them – check them out!

Brutal and technical is the best way to describe the music of ORPHALIS, who will make a stop in Dinkelsbühl for the Rising Nemesis Label Matinee. Sure, their last album 'The Birth Of Infinity' is not for the faint of heart, as the Dortmund natives take no prisoners. And one can assume that their new, soon-to-be-released studio album won't be any less technical or brutal – so it should be clear that ORPHALIS will deliver full-blown brutality as well as technical trckery at their show in Dinkelsbühl. Check this band out, 'cause you'll hardly find a better brutal death metal band from Germany!

Cologne can do heavy, too: BEGGING FOR INCEST will take part in the Rising Nemesis Label Matinee on the Ficken Party Stage. The band are devoted to brutal death metal / deathcore and should appeal to all slam fanatics among you. Highspeed battering and raw vokills will make you all sweat – but just on their last album 'Finsternis' BEGGING FOR INCEST have added a good portion of finesse to their music. Despite all the noise, there's always nice guitar licks and massive beatdowns that make you listen up. So don't miss it, the brutal trio from Cologne!

Summer Breeze festival is happening between August 14th – 17th, 2019 in Dinkelsbühl, Germany.