SUMMER BREEZE FESTIVAL 2019 - Announced Four New Names

Summer Breeze 2019 have announced new bands for this year's edition of the festival!

 Interesting addition, not just for kids, but for adults who have stayed forever young: HEAVYSAURUS are coming to SUMMER BREEZE for the first time ever. Originally formed in Finland in 2009, the German version of this dino metal band has been active since 2017. HEAVYSAURUS' goal is to draw children to heavy metal while providing a good time for adults as well. But kids are obviously their main focus group. This way, our youngsters will get two kids' bands this year at SUMMER BREEZE: Friday with HEAVYSAURUS and Saturday with Randale. Dare someone say that we don't care for the new generations...

We just can't do it without him! Our beloved hardcore comedy Jesus – also known as BEMBERS – is going to be back in Dinkelsbühl with his brand new comedy show in 2019! From the Ficken Party Stage the freaky Franconian will spread his wisdom to the hungry SUMMER BREEZE masses. Plenty of space, alcohol, a relaxed Bembers – what else do you need to have a good time? Exactly! And you know: those who engage in the surreal though process of the Franconian poster boy will enter the seventh heaven at SUMMER BREEZE! A wee shot to this!

A small zombie apocalypse will take over Dinkelsbühl in August – Finnish heavy metallers Lordi will be our guests at SUMMER BREEZE 2019. The band, made up of monsters and zombies, is another one that will have their SUMMER BREEZE debut in 2019. They were always on our to-do list, yet somehow it never worked out. That's why we're all the more stoked to finally be able to present you these Finnish hard rockers with a well-balanced program in Dinkelsbühl. Look forward to the band's numerous world hits, as well as new material that is right on a par with their biggest songs. And who knows, perhaps the Finns will even bring their Lordi Cola or Lordi Candy to Dinkelsbühl – we shall see...

A staple of the dark music scene, musically akin to the NDH (Neue Deutsche Härte) and with a successful SUMMER BREEZE debut in their past: OST+FRONT are coming back to Dinkelsbühl. The Berliners were our guests for the last time in 2015, shortly after the band went through the roof. By now OST+FRONT are a big name in the scene and always welcome guests. Their melange of NDH, gothic, industrial and metal works wonders, always gaining a great reception. So look forward for a crushing gig when they play their second show wever at SUMMER BREEZE.

Summer Breeze festival is happening between August 14th – 17th, 2019 in Dinkelsbühl, Germany.