SUMMER BREEZE FESTIVAL 2019 - Announced Six New Names

Summer Breeze 2019 after yesterdays bands announcement, have announced new bands again today for this year's edition of the festival!

The following confirmation for the Ficken Party Stage has already drawn some attention while supporting Life Of Agony on tour. We're talking about ALL HAIL THE YETI.
Hailing from Los Angeles, California, ALL HAIL THE YETI play typical big-balls American metal, meaning that huge riffs dominate the scene, while the vocals alternate between rough and melodic. A few stoner riffs here, a few modern (metalcore) riffs there, and it all fits the band and gives their songs enough variety and power. This is our tip for metal fans who like a big-ass sound and who don't care about categorization.

Black/deathheads take note: You M.U.S.T. watch this band at SUMMER BREEZE: THRON from the Black Forest! With their self-titled, self-released debut and their second album 'Abysmal', the guys have created a couple of jewels that are in no way inferior to the most stellar moments of Dissection, Naglfar, Unanimated, Necrophobic and company. Brutal, yet always melodic black/death with excellent guitar work and outstanding composition skills are what made THRON's records stick to the player in our office. Unfortunately they are still unknown to most people – but the gentlemen will hopefully change this when they play the Ficken Party Stage on Wednesday. And they will hopefully return to SUMMER BREEZE many more times, because if they keep killing it with their musical output, there will be no way around them in the future. After The Spirit in 2018, this is the next homegrown black/death metal sensation at SUMMER BREEZE, one which you shouldn't miss!

These veterans have been at it for over 25 years – yet they are still as motivated as ever: HATE SQUAD will work the Ficken Party Stage.
Although there music is rooted in thrash metal, the Northern Germans have always known how to give enough room to hardcore elements. That's why HATE SQUAD were not always easy to categorize – yet they influenced numerous bands with their extreme sounds. Not least Heaven Shall Burn covered the HATE SQUAD song 'Not My God', which obviously underlines the status of this band. If you want to witness live how hardcore and metal are properly melded, and how active one of the first ever German metalcore still is after 25 years, you should check out HATE SQUAD on Wednesday at the Ficken Party Stage. Nuff said.

Woman power! Pretty much at the last minute, EYES SET TO KILL made their way onto the 2019 billing!
The Phoenix metalcore band grabbed the very last slot available at this year's festival, and they are fully motivated to bring you their mixture of alt metal, screamo and metalcore. Formed in 2003, the band have matured noticeably, but that's exactly what makes the musicians led by Alexia Rodriguez more exciting. So both old and new, curious fans should not miss EYES SET TO KILL on the Ficken Party Stage.

You wanna dance? And get your arse kicked as well? Then move your hooves and check out GOST at SUMMER BREEZE 2019!
In 2018 the two dark synthwave bands we booked earned great responses, so we will continue this experiment by bringing GOST, another hopeful artist of this field, to Dinkelsbühl. This time to the Ficken Party Stage, however GOST – who is signed to Century Media by now – will pull all the stops and get you moving with danceable beats and massive riffs. If you are looking to widen your musical horizon and just have a good time, you should not miss GOST in Dinkelsbühl.

The next confirmation for the Ficken Party Stage offers some atmospheric black metal soundscapes. ANOMALIE will come to SUMMER BREEZE. With 'Integra' the Austrians have just released a new EP with almost 30 minutes playing time, on which again some epic, almost sacral black metal has got the upper hand. And still on 'Integra' mainman Marrok's raw black metal roots definitely shine through even more than on its predecessor 'Visions'. But be it as it may, fact is ANOMALIE will properly demolish the Ficken Party Stage with their long, dark songs. (Post) black metal fans should definitely highlight the ANOMALIE show on their personal running order.

Summer Breeze festival is happening between August 14th – 17th, 2019 in Dinkelsbühl, Germany.