SUMMER BREEZE FESTIVAL 2019 - Announced New Names Again

Summer Breeze 2019 after yesterdays bands announcement, have announced new bands again today for this year's edition of the festival!

Rising Nemesis Records Label Matinee = brutal death and slam metal galore. Also with PIGHEAD, who will come from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania to Dinkelsbühl.
If you like Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse to make you dizzy with their playing, PIGHEAD is a good place for you too, as the band celebrate the finest brutal death metal, which leaves nothing to be desired. The snare cracks away, the guitars riff their way to death and the singer rattles like crazy – just the full death metal attack. Check them out, these guys know what they're doing!

Apparently they come from outer space and have an important message for mankind... Well, luckily they found Dinkelsbühl to present you their music. We're talking about THE NEW DEATH CULT from, erm, Norway. The spacy looking fellas have only released one single so far, but we have already witnessed a THE NEW DEATH CULT show and can say that, musically, the band fits in wonderfully with the rest of the Ficken Party Stage program. Their straight, driving hard rock immediately makes you move your legs, while the hooks in the songs get stuck in your ears. No wonder though, as some of the musicians were (or are) members of a well-known 70s hard rock band. So THE NEW DEATH CULT are definitely worth checking out. And who knows, perhaps until the festival starts the guys already have a debut album in the shops...

Alright, any party poopers should just keep scrolling down, because for our next confirmation you shouldn't be afraid to laugh or have weak nerves. MORBID ALCOHOLICA will lay waste to the Ficken Party Stage again!
The Upper Swabian beer bombers enjoy an absolute cult status at home – and some of you hail them since their catchy appearance in Dinkelsbühl in 2018. Their shows are synonimous with fun and chaos, alcohol and metal, and they take no prisoners. With their antisocial mix of metal and punk, these gentlemen could be like a chaotic but likeable, Southern German version of Die Kassierer, although with a bigger percentage of metal, obviously. All disaster area tourists know what to do: off to the Ficken Party Stage to celebrate the decadent entity known as MORBID ALCOHOLICA...

“All Metal Tribute To The Bee Gees And Beyond” is the known motto of the recently confirmed Americans TRAGEDY, who have been regularly rocking the BRREZE for the last few years.
And again at SUMMER BREEZE 2019, where another insane show awaits you, the band will spare no cost or effort. Table fireworks, confetti rains and paper streamers included, erm... So if you want to be entertained and you're ready and willing to laugh and groove, you should put the TRAGEDY show on the Ficken Party Stage on your “to do” list.

They take their motto literally, no question about it. “We like to rock. That's what it's all about.” is what EAT THE GUN have committed themselves to, and as a listener you can blindly agree.
The German hard rockers have already played over 600 shows, among others at SUMMER BREEZE. During their last show in Dinkelsbühl a few years ago they gained an excellent response, so everything points to another triumph in 2019. Let EAT THE GUN kick your asses with their earthy, straight-ahead hard rock as a start to the festival on Tuesday on the Ficken Party Stage...

Punky, rocking, dirty, always in your face – that´s DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME. We decided to invite the band again because they will play right after the film 'Full Circle – Last Exit Rock'n'Roll'. As you will see in the movie, Andy Brings is unstoppable, and his enthusiasm is truly contagious. The same goes for DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME – who couldn't care less about anything and just do their thing with stoicism and dedication, whatever may happen. Chapeau to such devotedness, and now let's party!

Summer Breeze festival is happening between August 14th – 17th, 2019 in Dinkelsbühl, Germany.