LOSION - Stream New EP "Imminent"

Presenting ‘Imminent’; Losion’s debut 5-track EP for Outtallectuals, blending elements of prog rock / metal and guitar-based wizardry, with modern neuro bass music production aesthetics. Taking 1.5 years to reach its final state, ‘Imminent’ is an experiment in reaching the perfect balance between real instruments, foley, synths and reese basslines, all occupying complex grooves and composed with intricate dynamics to let all sounds breathe.

Starting with the mid-tempo prog-rock-inspired pace of the opener, ‘Opal’, the EP seamlessly flows into the monumental title track, introducing heavier vibes. ‘Resolution’ is an emotive blend of drum n bass & breaks grooves, mixed with the consistent guitar riffing. ‘Fracture’ introduces the heaviest song on the album with heavy emphasis on glitchy neuro basslines and mathsy chugs, before ‘Swarm’ anthemically closes the EP in a 6/4 signature.

Stream / Buy: https://fanlink.to/imminent


1. Opal
2. Imminent
3. Resolution
4. Fracture 
5. Swarm