gP. - Releases New Single and Music Video "Für Zoe"

Alternative trip rockers gP. from Oakland, CA have released their new EP sexindustryfolklore. The release is accompanied by a music video for the fourth and final single "Für Zoe," a track that speaks of love, regret and solitude.

The video premiered with MXDWN and the song features Matt Fazzi (Taking Back Sunday & Rare Futures), who added a lot of guitar and vocals to thicken up the chorus and bridge.

"Für Zoe is a my translation of a letter I once received; the last in a series of letters written to me from a woman with whom I was very much in love," says vocalist Justin Bonifacio. "When it came time to make the next step deeper into the relationship, I cut ties with her out of fear; fear of missing out on a life with no commitment or responsibility. In the letter, she implored me to step back and realize this decision would end up bad for me. She explained to me that taking on more responsibility would be enriching to my life and to refuse it, detrimental."

Bonifacio and his ex would listen to a lot of classical music together, so the song title is an homage to Beethoven's Für Elise. In the song, Bonifacio acknowledges how his fear of commitment kept him from pursuing love. "Like a weak and stubborn young man, I broke her heart, cut her off, and ultimately regretted the solitude that came out of the decision. She then went on to marry and start a family, as it goes."