THOUSAND THOUGHTS - Release Eponymous Debut EP Alongside Powerful "Ignite" Video Single Via Marshall Records

Ahead of a number of live performance dates (including their return to The Good Mixer on 2nd June as part of London’s Camden Rocks Festival) Enfield pop-metal quartet Thousand Thoughts are thrilled to welcome the release of their eponymous debut EP via Marshall Records and Eleven Seven Music. To celebrate, the band are marking the occasion with the release of a brand new music video for their latest single, ‘Ignite’. Check out the music video below, and stream the EP on Spotify!

Once again, vocalist Ethan Smith’s raw lyrical honesty burns passionately at the forefront of their latest single, as ‘Ignite’ seeks to draw attention to the challenges of mental health - a cause that the band have supported fervently since their inception.

Focusing directly on the visual representation of their latest video single, Smith explains: “Our feelings are like notes. You could have a thousand things written out, or it could just remain blank. Sometimes we might rip it up out of frustration, leave it on the side to come back to later, burn it away for a completely new page... Its endless. Either way, everybody holds their 'notes' dear to them - whether temporarily, or all the time.”

“I sat in the garden with Jack writing the lyrics with him,” continues Smith, highlighting the band’s hopes to keep ‘Ignite’ open to individual interpretation. “His meaning behind ‘Ignite’ is different to mine, but that's exactly what I feel this song is about. We all have our own stories to tell when it comes to finding who we truly are. I'll save my in-depth story behind this song for another time.”

With previously-released singles ‘This One’s For You’ and ‘Perspectives’ collectively accumulating approximately 150,000 streams and over 250,000 YouTube views, the complete EP experience is brimming with exhilarating pop-punk rhythms, expansive chord progressions and vulnerable, pop-infused melodies. Produced by Romesh Dodangoda, ‘Thousand Thoughts’ draws from a melting pot of modern metal influence that will undoubtedly resonate with fans of the likes of Linkin Park, Twenty One Pilots and Bring Me The Horizon.

On the topic of their now-complete entity, Smith exclaims: “I'm really proud of the ‘Thousand Thoughts’ EP, as all four songs are different to each other in sound, yet keep within the same theme of mental health. I love the dichotomy of depth from different interpretations of our songs; alongside the simplicity in lyrics and melody. They explain different fights you have, but also contain the empathy from understanding. Each song is honest and will take you on a journey.”


1. This One's For You
2. Perspectives
3. Focus
4. Ignite