RHAKSHAH - Stream New Album "The Solemn Fracture"

South African Progressive Technical Death Metal band Rhakshah, presents their debut long-play record "The Solemn Fracture" out now on all major streaming platforms.

Stream or Purchase "The Solemn Fracture"

Bandcamp: http://rhakshah.bandcamp.com
Spotify: http://rhakshah.com/spotify
Apple Music: http://rhakshah.com/apple 


1. Epilogue (End of the Beginning)
2. Homage to Terror
3. Abhor
4. Obsolescence (feat. Thomas Theron)
5. Unlock the Unknown
6. Necrogene Pill
7. Torpor
8. The Antagonist (feat. Adri Jordaan)
9. Lonely Seed
10. Regalia
11. The Solemn Fracture (feat. Kathleen Rose Goss)