HOLLOW, I AM - Released Brand New EP "Neverwake", Listen To First Single "Bloodleting"

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH heavy hitters HOLLOW, I AM has released their new EP, “NEVERWAKE” via Duckphone Records. Listen to the first single off of the new album, ‘BLOODLETTING’, now!

A follow-up to their 2016 debut EP, “Dead//Sleep”. “Neverwake” is available as of March 22nd and promises to be a dynamically well rounded album with each song giving its own unique element stemming from the band’s characteristic sound.

Their first single, Bloodletting, is a bone crushing mood-setter for the rest of the album. “We wanted to showcase a song that brings immediate chaos and energy when playing the first few notes.” - David Blake (Vocalist). Although the lyrics are centered around rage, it also describes the negative impact rage can be on friends, family, and loved ones.