CROWNTAKER - Drop New Single “In The Drift”

One man project Crowntaker has released a new single “In The Drift”.

What does it mean?
Well... Most days I’d tell you it came from one of my favorite movies Pacific Rim. I fell in love with this movie after my Dad passed away. I personally dedicate my work on this song to him. David Gene Graudin. He was my step father but never the less he was my Dad through and through so I was very close to him. He was my inspiration to start this band even. This movie helped me understand loss. I love the way the movie described the “Drift”. Taking two minds to become as one forming something even more powerful than you were alone. It really stuck with me after my father died. Well this was the beginning of the idea and it inspired me that’s for sure. But as I came to know the three fellas that would eventually help me write this song. It blossomed into something much deeper. We all found out we all had lost someone close to us and that allowed us to write this song together. We entered “The Drift”. This song is a homage to those we have lost in our lives. Those who have touched us so deeply we cannot ever shake the thought of them. This song is for you. We sing to those who have fallen into memory. We rejoice in the memories of their lives and we can only pray they hear us today in this song. There’s nothing I could ever say to justify how everyone feels that wrote this song with me. I just know this to be true among us all.

We love you. We miss you all so very much. We still need you with every particle of our being. Yet me manage to always find a way to take that next step without you. Every day it’s hard. But no one ever said growth was easy. With love in the upmost may you all rest in a final peace. We send our deepest affections to everyone who has passed away and those who hear this song and have lost as well.
This is for you.