BROWBEAT - The New Album "Remove The Control" Out Today Via Indelirium Records

"Remove The Control", the new album of hardcore/metal act Browbeat is finally out in physical and digital version via Indelirium Records. To celebrate the release the band has revealed a guitar playthrough of the single "A Forgotten Number", available HERE.

"'Remove The Control' is what our fans expecting from Browbeat: a good dose of pure hardcore/metal, strong, without compromise and with the classic 90s attitude that describes our style since our debut album 'No Salvation'”.

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01. The New Slavery Nation (Intro)
02. The Labor Blackmail
03. When The Profit Kills
04. A Forgotten Number
05. Underpaid
06. Nothing More And Nothing Less
07. A Personal War
08. The Power Of The Few
09. The Suffocated Rights
10. Remove The Control... Till Death!